White Knuckle Tour


I worked for ITV from 1999 to 2009.  I almost always worked on live programmes, everything from news and sport, to general elections.

Just about the most fun I had was with Children's ITV. At the time, CITV broadcast on the main ITV national channel from 1530 to 1715 weekdays. Now of course, itís got a digital channel all for itself.

During the summer CITV went on tour around theme parks. In between programmes there would be live links, with a performance from a pop band, or the presenters riding on a roller coaster.

I worked on these programmes for two seasons, and Iíve not had so much fun before or since. It was a great challenge, setting up stages and microwave links. It was a real team effort.

Anyhow, all good things come to an end. CITV dropped live continuity, and a few years later, CITV itself left the main ITV channel.

Here are some of my pictures from behind the scenes.



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2001 Tour Dates

3rd August    Drayton Manor

10th August   Alton Towers

17th August   Oakwood Park

24th August   Chessington

31st August   Thorpe Park

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