Radio Rag


Memories from Alister

Radio Rag publicity sticker


Alister was involved with Radio Rag in the 1980s. He is now a pillar of society and works for a well known mobile radio company. But he has happy memories of Radio Rag.

"Seeing Oldham reminds me of the infernal radar interference we got from Manchester Airport that year, reported by listeners in Germany as "a screaming on your frequencies". They were listening to the short wave service from Little Bertha, 600W from a pair of 860s into a top fed V - very hairy to tune! Most others guessed it might be "a dry joint" (wrong sort of joint for Radio Rag !) more like a demented bee trapped in the studio flying past the mic every 15 seconds or so."

"I think that was also the year that if you lived in Wright Robinson Hall, you could hear the station on any part of the band, any band and even if you turned your receiver off." 

"I would also be as bold as to suggest that certain local radio stations "pinched" some of the jingle ideas - we had some especially good Captain Kremmen ones! (mmmm could have been that they pinched the staff too!)"

"In my first year it was from Grosvenor Place, the year before/after? Oldham it was from the "ship on the canal" aka Hulme Crescents. Many a confused listener walked the towpath looking for us. My favourite was the Eric the Penguin glam rock show."

"I also recall that there were two FM stations: one on 88.6 with about 15W and low level stereo, due to the fact that the Tx was really a mono design and the filters rolled off too soon. We couldn't fix it quick enough. The other 103MHz box was a 4CX250something (the conduction cooled version) and that gave a solid 110W with full performance stereo into a high efficiency antenna array (4 stacked dipoles). It gave coverage well across the Cheshire plain. Commercial local radio have now pinched that channel of course."

"Don't forget - our kit was always checked by individuals with access to high quality R&D equipment to ensure we were meeting specs & would not interfere. Which we never knowingly did!"