Radio Rag



Gerry Anderson on air in 1983

The studio sound desk in 1983 as built by Gerry Anderson

Studio sound desk in 1982


Gerry Anderson at the turntable in 1980

Gerry Anderson in 1985 pointing towards the transmitter!


Gerry Anderson

Gerry was one of the leading personalities on Radio Rag between 1979 and 1985.

Gerry organised the programme schedule, organised the DJ rosters and managed the record library.

Gerry was also talented musician and had studied music before university. I remember him playing the fiddle and bodrhan (Irish drum) in the pub during Radio Rag planning sessions.

For the first few years Radio Rag used disco sound mixers and record decks borrowed from the Students Union socials group. But Gerry had a degree in electronic engineering and built a proper radio sound desk, used on air from 1982 onwards.

This was a marvellous piece of equipment and was constantly being improved. I even remember Gerry redesigning the desk while he was on air, soldering bits of it together while the records were playing.

Gerry moved on to work for a well known Broadcasting Corporation in London, and in later years, a studio sound desk manufacturing company in Salford.

Gerry is now an awarding winning professional musician based in the North West of England and has recorded numerous albums and several live sessions for BBC Radio and Granada TV.