Radio Rag



1979 MRBS leaflet


1985 Programme List


1990 leaflet featuring the Radio Rag Hedgehog

1985 stereo sticker




Every year Radio Rag had a short publicity campaign.

Posters and stickers were printed and distributed around the university.

I remember sneaking around Manchester and leaving stickers and leaflets on notice boards and other places. Some of them are still there. In 1999, I was amazed to see a faded Radio Rag sticker from 1983 at a bus stop in Salford.

Here are a few examples from the Radio Rag archives.

Articles also appeared about Radio Rag in the university student newspapers and some pirate radio enthusiast magazines.

Click here for a news story from the UMIST Union "Grip" newspaper in 1982.

Click here for a news story from "Airspec News" in 1983.