Radio Rag



A Radio Rag planning meeting at the UMIST Union bar in 1980.

Back row left to right: Unidentified, Martyn, Nigel, John West, Unidentified, Chris Arnold.

Front row left to right: Unidentified, Simon James, Unidentified.


Simon James

Simon James first became involved with Radio Rag as a student in Manchester during the late 1970s, but returned as a guest presenter in the 1980s.

I first met Simon in 1981, after he had graduated with a degree in electronics and was working for a  major British aerospace company in North West England.

I saw Simon several times at Radio Rag social occasions, most notably on a visit to Radio Caroline. A group of 10 ex-Radio Rag stalwarts managed to get on board Radio Caroline in the English Channel. Sometime I'll get around to publishing my photographs from this great event.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this Simon James programme from February 1981.


Introduction 1.10
The Simon James Programme 32.35