Radio Rag



View from UMIST main building roof

Admiring the antenna for 103 Mhz stereo FM


Equipment hut and communications mast

Suspicious looking transmitter engineers


The UMIST university campus is located in Manchester city centre.

The main building is one of the tallest in Manchester. There are superb views from the roof all over city, especially towards the south (pictured).

Radio Rag acquired keys to the roof, two rooms for transmitter equipment and a 24 hour access permit!

The Radio Rag studio was never located at UMIST main building. Programmes were always received by microwave radio link or VHF rebroadcast from other locations.

Transmitters installed were:

 - 88.6 Mhz VHF
 - 103.0 Mhz VHF
 - 1332 Khz medium wave
 - 6225 Khz short wave
 - Microwave link
 - Communications repeater