BBC recruitment leaflet from 1982


BBC C Course 196, Part 1, Group 1


BBC C Course 196, Part 1, Group 2


BBC C Course 196, Part 1, Group 2

BBC Training

I joined the BBC in 1982 as a Technical Assistant in Transmitter Department.

At the time, the BBC ran a superb training programme. As a trainee, you spent 6 months of each year, for 3 years, on residential courses at the BBC Engineering Training Centre at Wood Norton, near Evesham.

These were known as the A, B and C courses. On passing the C course you qualified as a Broadcast Engineer and were finally let loose on the BBC network.

Here are the group photos from my C course on November 1984. It's a freezing cold day and we're on the lawn outside Wood Norton Hall (now a luxury hotel), hence the jackets and scarves.

Over the years I've kept in touch with several people from my course, and even now, 25 years later, we still bump into each other. If you recognise yourself drop me a line and let me know what you are doing now.

In between courses at Wood Norton, we were sent on training attachments to transmitter stations around the UK. I remember spending time in classrooms at Sutton Coldfield (VHF radio and UHF TV) and Daventry (HF radio), and generally, er, technically assisting at Holme Moss, Bilsdale, Skelton, Woofferton and Droitwich.

"Technical Assisting" mainly involved answering the phone, watching (sorry, monitoring) the TV, and dusting and polishing things. The best job was accompanying Senior Engineers on maintenance visits to remote transmitter stations. This meant bouncing around in a 4 wheel drive Range Rover along rough tracks and through muddy fields. TAs mainly came along to open and close farm gates, and make tea for the Senior Engineers, although I do remember once being allowed to drive to a TV relay in the Peak District with another TA, to switch on it again on after an equipment failure.